Fashion That’s in Your Face

When you think about looking fashionable, I bet you most often think about your clothing. And, while, yes, what you wear does matter if you want to put off a stylish air, your face also matters.

Enter: the stylish pair of eyeglasses.

Did you know that a fashionable designer eyeglass frame in a style that suits you well can make an unforgettable fashion statement too?

That’s why I love these new eyeglass frames from In Your Face. Yes, that’s their actual brand name. In Your Face makes my point–half of your style may just come from your neck, up!

In Your Face has two great frames I think every fashionable femme should check out this season. Both are plays on a retro type of glasses style. But one, called Nora, mimics the iconic horn-rimmed glasses look that has come in and out of style since the 1920s.

In recent years, the horn-rimmed look was reinvorated by the hipsters, who embraced them as their anti-establishment frame of choice. But, now, many say that television shows like Mad Men have reinvigorated a love for 1960s fashion, horn-rimmed’s included.

In Your Face’s version of the classic horn-rimmed adds some freshness. In decades past, horn rimmed glasses were thick plastics that were also quite heavy to wear. But, the In Your Face version of the frame is a whole lot lighter and more comfortable.

Though the frame still makes a bold statement, this updated horn-rimmed called Nora is a new classic. I love the contrast of the white on the inside with the traditional black color on the outside. It’s a sure win for having a face for fashion.

There are two other variations of Nora. If you are feeling a bit more colorful, or simply don’t think you can pull off the black eyeglass frame look, then check these out.

One version of the same In Your Face frame in blue and brown. It’s a softer color scheme and a great look on a lot of warmer skin tones. I really love how the blue tone stands out and yet is still a neutral enough color to wear with just about anything.

Or this one, the same frame in blue and purple, is an amazing look that is sure to catch some eyes. The blue and purple tones contrast in a lovely and feminine way, making this the ultimate retro horn-rimmed eyeglass update.

If you need some more fashion for your face, check out the whole In Your Face frame line at