Fall 2015’s Hottest Colors: Shades You’ll Love

Pantone’s 2015 Fall Color Report

Fall Color Report

Pantone is the ultimate authority when it comes to color, and according to Pantone.com’s “Fall Fashion 2015 Color Report,” the hottest colors of this season are earthy, neutral and pack a little punch.

Most of these colors won’t look brand new to you. Several of the hottest shades on the chart have been popular for a few years now including: marsala, stormy gray, and even some tones of orange and blue.

But, that doesn’t mean they’re yesterday’s news. In fact, I think the palette looks fresh and modern.

Desert Sage (Green Gray)

Desert Sage is one of the leaders of this pack of so-called “androgynous” neutrals. The color is a cool tone greenish gray. It’s one of those colors that my husband would insist is gray and I would insist is green. It’s that much in the middle. (And, this may or may not be the color of our sofa which is why I know how this argument plays out!)

It’s versatile enough to pair with a pop of color and looks good on a lot of different skin tones.

Dried Herb (Khaki Olive)

The same goes for another leader called Dried Herb. I noticed the color before I read its name and then thought to myself, “Wow, that is exactly what that color looks like—dried herbs!”

If you don’t have a spice rack to stare at right now, I’ll describe it for you. Think of a color that looks like a meeting between brown and green. The tone that results is not a green as olive but not as brown as a dark khaki.

Reflecting Pond (Blue)

I’ve noticed that navy blue and gray are still trumping solid browns or blacks. The Pantone blue shade for 2015 is called “Reflecting Pond.” It’s a deep, dark shade of navy blue.

More Blues & Purples

You may have already added some of the other fresh pantone colors to your fall wardrobe. I picked up a blouse in a teal color (Pantone calls it “Biscay Bay”) because it caught my eye. Amethyst Orchid—a tone that looks like a purer shade of lavender—just happens to be the color of the nail polish I picked at the salon last week.

I’ve also noticed that this purple color is showing up as an accent color in a number of stylish eyeglass frames from Eyeglass World. If you are looking for a way to add a pop of one of this season’s most fashionable shades—then this could be your easiest way to do that! Check out these three frames from Commotion that each feature a bit of a purple accent.

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