Choosing the Best Frame for Your Face Shape

When searching for a new pair of eyeglasses, you want to choose a pair in a color that you like, by a designer you love, and in a shape that looks good on you! Right? So how do you go about finding your perfect pair of glasses? It starts with figuring out your face shape.

Figuring Out Your Face Shape

An easy way to figure out the shape of your face is to grab a dry erase marker and trace the outline of your face (hair pulled back for women) on the bathroom mirror. Pay careful attention to the outline of your jaw and the top of your hairline.

Though your face may not be a perfect match for any of these shapes, this should give you a good idea as to which shape your face most closely resembles.

Your results should fall into one of the following categories:

  • Heart – a face that’s wide at the top and in the cheeks and narrow at the chin.
  • Oval – a face that’s narrow at the forehead and chin and wider at the cheeks.
  • Round – a face that is wider at the cheeks and rounded at both forehead and chin.
  • Square – a face that’s equally wide on the sides, forehead and chin

After you’ve discovered your face shape, then choose a pair of eyeglass frames that accentuates your shape. Generally, this involves finding an eyeglass frame with features that are different than those that are most prominent on your face. Here’s a guide below:

Face Shape Guide for Eyeglasses


Heart Shaped

For a heart shaped face, choose eyeglass frames that don’t draw additional attention up to your eyebrows. Avoid cat eye looks. Instead, choose simple rectangles, ovals or round frames. Some square frames will work well too as long as they don’t have too much at the top.

Oval Shaped

Oval shaped faces generally have the widest variety of eyeglass frame shapes that will look flattering. Choose angled lenses, like those of a square or rectangular frame or go with rounder lenses—like those in a round frame or a pair of cat eye frames. The only frame style that may not be suited for the oval shaped face is an extremely oversized frame. While it may look trendy, it could also make a larger oval face appear much larger.

Round Shaped

For round shaped faces, pick frames with more angles. Avoid rounded lenses that will make your face look even more round. Instead, search for eyeglass frames that are rectangle, square or even cat-eyed to give your face more dimension.

Square Shaped

If your face is very angular and square, avoid square or angled eyeglass lenses, as they will make your face look even squarer. One exception to this rule is rectangular lenses which may actually balance out some of the boxy-ness. Heavy brows and large boxy frames aren’t the best choices for this face shape either. Men with this shape of face should especially avoid the temptation to choose angular lenses.

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