Fashion Eyeglasses

“He came up to my table…He took my glasses off and he said, ‘Without your glasses, why, you’re beautiful.’ I said, ‘Without my glasses, you’re not half bad either.’” – Kit Hollerbach

Girls with GlassesGlasses have long been perceived as a hindrance to beauty.  In 1937, Dorothy Parker enforced this idea of many women’s opinions with her words,

“Men seldom make passes at girls who wear glasses.”

But it isn’t 1937 anymore.

Eyeglasses are important.

They’re just as an important accessory as bags, shoes or any jewelry. In fact, they may be the most important accessory you own.

Think about it. When you first meet someone, you shake their hand and what’s the first thing you look at? You look directly into their eyes. You don’t look at their handbag; you don’t look at their shoes or their watch. You look directly into their eyes and by default, what’s around them.

And if they shop at Eyeglass World, what’s around them is a fantastic pair of fashion eyeglasses. If they shop at Eyeglass World, don’t be surprised if you look into their eyes and you see the frames from names like Gucci®, Dior™, or Ray-Ban® staring back at you.

Eyeglasses have always been a trademark for intelligence.

But since when is intelligence not sexy or trendy? And better yet, who doesn’t want to seem intelligent?

With designer eyeglasses and prices like ours, you can be the prodigal example of both sexy and intelligent.

Many people have an impression about a person even before one word is exchanged. Eyeglasses are just another way to make a statement about you- a bold, distinct statement that you have complete control over. Whether you want your glasses to say, “I’m bold and creative,” or “I’m fashion forward,” or a simple “I am a business professional”, you can achieve all that with the right pair of glasses.

The days of leaving your glasses at home or roaming around blind as a bat because your “glasses aren’t cool” are long gone.

Instead, take advantage of this accessory. Show off your ability to pair glasses with the right outfits to exemplify your great fashion taste. We promise, not only will people “make passes” at you, but they’ll want to know where you got those fabulous glasses.

And, if they don’t, well they must be blind.