The Hottest Color for Men This Year: Dusk Blue

According to the fashion experts, this spring will be a bit of an anomaly. Usually, the hot colors for men and women are similar in tone. Sure, the top choice color in menswear and ladies’ attire may vary, but generally the two fashion lines are on the same page of the pantone book.

Not this year, though.

Fashion gurus are simultaneously stumped and excited about how different the men’s color palette is from the ladies’ this spring. While the color that tops the charts for the women is a bright and bold Marsala red, the color topping the must-have list for men is quite the opposite.

It’s a muted dusk blue.

This color caught my eye because it’s one of my favorites for men. In fact, I think it’s the tone I most frequently choose for my fair-skinned and light-eyed husband. But it’s not just a good color for guys with lighter complexions. This shade looks great on men with darker skin too.

How do I describe dusk blue? I’d say it’s what you get when you combine navy with some gray. It’s not as bright as a true sky blue, although it sure does mimic the shade of the winter sky in the region where I live. It’s not too bright or too dull. Just a happy medium between vibrant and muted that gives it a bold confidence without screaming “look at me!”

Want to incorporate a little dusk blue into your spring wardrobe? Then choose a dusk blue tie, polo or jacket. Though monochromatic denim looks are still suitable this season, I find dusk blue to look better when paired with khakis or slacks versus your favorite light denim jeans. If jeans are your go-to trousers, then choose a darker pair for a bit of contrast.

My favorite way to add a touch of dusk blue this season is by adding a pair of great designer men’s eyeglass frames. Frames like this one from Argyleculture called “Coltrane” feature a number of shades of blue and will give you the appearance of being on the cusp of style:

Argyleculture Coltrane

Argyleculture Coltrane

This frame by Guess is another that splendidly features this season’s blue focus.

Guess 1777

Guess 1777

Check out the full selection of hot glasses with a touch of blue by shopping at your closest Eyeglass World or clicking here to browse their glasses catalog.