Do Glasses Match My Leather Pants?


It’s one of the hottest looks of the season: leather pants. They look edgy, sophisticated, and hot with a cozy sweater, a glamorous blouse, or even a denim jacket. But do they match your glasses? Can leather pants and a fashion eyeglass frame be a part of the same look?


Gone are the days where glasses were just for those who would never dare wear a fashion item like sleek black leather. Now, your hot eyeglass frame will coordinate with your hot pants perfectly if you follow a few basic rules.

Rule #1: No Hipster Frames with Leather Pants

Avoid wearing your large, black, circa-1991 Steve Urkel frames with your black leather. Despite both looks being trendy right now, high-fashion pants aren’t going to go well with a counter-fashion frame look.

Rule #2: Don’t Play it Too Safe

If you are indeed wearing leather pants, I have a feeling this word of caution is unnecessary. But, if you have an understated eyeglass frame, I’d encourage you to save it for another look. Your black leather pants demand an eyeglass frame that can make a fashion statement right alongside them. Think about bold patterns, bright metals, and unique temples or brow lines that stand out, not fade into the background.

Rule #3: Keep Your Colors Cool

Your black leather will look best with black, tortoise, or cool colored frames. A bright burgundy or red or even a bright purple frame could also be a good choice. If you want to go for a really retro 80s cool look, consider getting a tint in the lenses, too. For example, here is a beautiful Ray-Ban silver frame with blue tinted lenses that would be an edgy addition to your ensemble.

Ray-Ban 3386

Ray Ban 3386

Rule #4: Size Matters

A small lens size is not going to cut it for a fashion look that includes leather. You’ll want a bigger, more dramatic frame. You don’t have to overdo it, but you do want to make sure that your glasses are noticed, and size is one way to accomplish that.

Here are a couple of frames that I think would look hot with a great pair of black leather pants:

Vera Bradley Rachelle Camellia

Vera Bradley Rachelle Camellia


Guess 1513

Guess 1513


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