Designer Eyeglasses Make a Statement

Eyeglasses just aren’t your grandparent’s necessity anymore. (Heck, we’d even argue they never were.)

Celebrities Are Wearing Them

Glasses are a necessity though – a fashion necessity. Look around the red carpet, and you’ll see them everywhere. From Johnny Depp’s love of vintage styles to Anne Hathaway’s bold move pairing geek chic frames and an Armani dress, numerous celebrities are rocking out their personalities through their eyeglasses.

Eyeglasses don’t have to be – nor should they be – something you wear at night when nobody is around. Quite the contrary, really.

Available in Big Brand Names

With names like Ray-Ban® and Vogue™and an industry that works around the clock to bring you the trendiest, boldest, sleekest eyeglasses, how could you not want to wear your glasses all the time? From cat eye frames, to different variations of the classic Aviators™, all for prices you can’t beat at Eyeglass World, you just can’t justify wearing glasses you’d have to hide.

And designer glasses don’t just stop at correction single vision. Designer reading glasses are no less important.

Can Make a Powerful Statement

Eyeglasses are an amazing way to make a powerful statement about you. From the brands you choose to represent, to how funky of a frame you choose to have, in a glance’s time you make an impression. But remember, like any other accessory, you shouldn’t just be married to one. You don’t just have one watch, or one necklace…why would you have just one pair of eyeglasses?

Designer eyeglasses are completely underrated, and you can dramatically manipulate your look (and the statement you’re trying to make) with the switch of a frame.

Don’t believe us? Let us prove it to you. Come into your local Eyeglass World today.