Could Fall’s Hottest Color Share the Name of a Condiment?


The hottest color of this season is a shade that graces almost every picnic table in America. But, believe it or not, it’s not the one you are expecting, though mustard yellow is often a popular fall color. This season, the color everyone is wearing is… ketchup!

Ketchup is crisp shade of red without a lot of orange or too much blue in it, so it looks great on a lot of different—both cool and warm—skin tones. Reds are sometimes tricky for this reason, but ketchup, as silly as it may sound, just may be the perfect color red for everyone!

How do you wear your ketchup? Although the tone doesn’t sound very classy, most of the apparel I’m seeing featuring this color is trendy and fashion forward. A cute pair of ketchup red skinny jeans is the perfect pairing for one of this season’s hot denim shirts. Or a ketchup red tunic would be easy to throw on with your favorite pair of black or navy leggings.

Yesterday, I sported my favorite new ketchup-red maxi-dress with a giant black belt, black cardigan, and multi-colored accessories. Just like the ketchup red tone looks great with a lot of different skin tones, it also blends well with various neutrals, which gives you a lot of flexibility to try completely different looks with the same pieces.

This is also what makes ketchup a great color for eyeglass wearers. The medium red tone looks great with tortoise shell frames or black classic styles. It also looks great with gold metal frame looks or dressy platinum and silver toned styles. Ketchup truly is one of the most versatile colors around to pair with your eyeglass frames.

Here are 3 other quick tips for wearing ketchup red:

  1. Head to toe ketchup may be a little much. So, to avoid looking like a bottle of Heinz, don’t forget to accessorize and choose contrasting colors when you do so. A great, retro eyeglass frame in tortoise like this one (DKNY 4585 in Havana) could be a great start.

DKNY 4585 in Havana

  1. Layer for depth. If you are afraid the red color may accentuate areas you’d rather slim, add some layers. Put a white or navy tank underneath that red top and let it hang out of the bottom. Or, add a dark denim blazer.
  2. Just a dollop is okay, too. Don’t want red legs or arms? Then choose ketchup red accessories to add just a touch of this season’s hot color to outfits already in your closet. This frame from Legacy Lane could be a great place to start:

Legacy Lane 13 Red