Could Army Green Be the New Neutral?

I married a Marine and I must confess: The t-shirts he wore under his uniform are frequently stolen by yours truly. I love Army (or Marine) green! So, I was excited to see that military inspired army green is the hottest new neutral of the season for both men and women. And, it’s ready to do some serious fashion combat!

I know what you are thinking, “Army green is a neutral?” And, the answer is definitely!

Army green fashion

This spring’s shades of Army-inspired green range from dark olives to a lighter khaki, and happen to look fantastic when paired with hot shades of purple, pink or red. Guys can pair it with tan or a darker green and look like they are ready to enlist. Or, for a true battle-ready fashion statement, put a pair of Army green toned cargo pants with a military blazer.

Ladies, if you are looking for more luxurious style, you can find it in Army shades too. I saw a runway look with a silky army green pencil skirt paired with a sparkly gold sleeveless sweater. It looked very chic and dispelled any myths that Army green can’t look feminine. Jewel-covered olive satin jackets and dresses give you another option if more girlish military style is what appeals to you.

So, if Army green is hot, how about Army green in a pattern: AKA camouflage? Can you wear it this season even without looking like a member of the cast of Duck Dynasty?

The answer to that is also a resounding yes. You can pair camo with your green or just make a go of in full fatigue look and still be en vogue. A simple, chic, outfit option this season is a cute camo tee paired with some army green skinny jeans. Lace up your boots and throw on a solid denim jacket and, Voila. You’ve mastered the military look.

But, if full bodied, “in the Army now” style isn’t quite your thing, then my suggestion is to stick to camouflage accessories subtly mixed in with your Army green apparel. A cute wristlet type camo bracelet or even green tortoise style glasses (that almost have a camo look) can add just the right touch of military style.

Here’s an active lifestlye, camo frame for the guys made by Rec Specs:

Ladies, gold-toned glasses frames will also look great with your camo looks. (Think about how great the classic gold Aviator™ sunglass frame looked with Tom Cruise’s uniform in Top Gun!)

Like this feminine classic style from Vera Bradley.

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