Are Contacts Right For You?

Thinking about trying contact lenses? I popped in my first pair about two decades ago, and have never looked back. Why? Because once you need full-time vision correction, there is really no easier option than contact lenses. Sure, you have to clean them or change them regularly. Aside from that, the feeling of seeing clearly—with nothing on your face—is truly unbeatable.

Are contacts right for you?

Here are a few other reasons you should try contact lenses:

  1. Contacts Allow You the Clearest View of the World.

    Because contacts fit snugly against your eyeballs, they allow you to have the most crisp and clear view of everything around you. There’s no distortion in your peripheral vision and no needing to clean your eyeglasses to sharpen the image. You just put them in, open your eyes, look around and say, “Wow!”


  1. Contacts Don’t Fog Up or Slide Down Your Nose.

    In other words, contact lenses are comfortable no matter what the weather. They won’t fog up when you go from the hot outside into the air-conditioning (or vice versa!). They don’t pinch your ears when they’re too tight or slide down your nose when they get too loose. They’re just plain comfortable.


  1. Contacts Match Everything.

    Glasses are great and can make an incredible fashion statement but contact lenses match everything. No worrying over whether or not that red eyeglass frame you splurged on is too wild for the office. No stress over whether or not your glasses are too dressy or casual for your look. No, it’s just your face and it looks good with whatever you are wearing. (P.S. Contacts also allow you to show off your eye make-up. Bonus!)


  1. Contacts Can Let You Experiment.

    Ever wanted to see what it’d be like to have a different eye color? Or, if you’ve worn glasses forever, ever wonder what it’d be like to get up in the middle of the night, open your eyes, and be able to see? From colored contact lenses, to extended wear lenses you can keep in for a few days at a time—there are a variety of ways that contact lenses let you experiment with something new.


  1. Contacts Aren’t as Expensive as you Think.

    You won’t believe how affordable contact lenses can be. Fantastic brands offer high quality, comfortable contact lenses each month for much less than the price of your daily coffee. Choose daily or weekly disposables or even contacts to correct astigmatism for a whole lot less than you’d expect. Don’t assume lenses are too much for your budget. Check out the affordable options available at your local Eyeglass World.

Want to know more about how contact lenses can complement your lifestyle? Go to your closest Eyeglass World and talk to our friendly optical staff about your options.