Keeping It Clean: Celebrate Contact Lens Health Week

Contact lens Health Week from the CDCThis week, Eyeglass World is celebrating Contact Lens Health Week along with the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta, Georgia!

Contact lenses are one of the most amazing innovations of the 20th century–a convenience many couldn’t live without. Because lenses feel so natural and are so easy to care for, sometimes our contact lens hygiene habits slip and can cause future eye issues.

In honor of the CDC’s Contact Lens Health Week, we wanted to remind you of one of the most basic, yet most important, rules of contact lens care. That is: keep it clean.

Cleanliness in contact lens wearing ensures that your eyes will stay safe, healthy and comfortable.

What exactly do you need to keep clean when working with your contact lenses? In short: Everything!

Here’s a list of what you need to keep clean when you wear contact lenses.

  1. Your lenses

    Keep your contact lenses clean by regularly using disinfectant and cleaning solutions to clean and sterilize your lenses, usually overnight. Saline solution is not enough to keep your lenses clean. Only use saline when you are in a pinch for time and must clean something off a lens before putting it in your eye.

  2. Your hands

    Make a thorough hand washing a top priority every time you plan to stick you finger into your eye to retrieve or place a lens. Use soap, but clean it off well or you’ll feel the sting when you place your lens in your eye.

  3. Your case

    It’s easy to forget that contact lens cases need to be cleaned daily and replaced monthly. Depending on what type of disinfecting or cleaning system you use, your lenses may be sitting in all the grime and yuck that you cleaned off of them—for months. Make sure you use that bottle of saline solution to clean out your contact lens case after ever use. Change the case every time you change your lenses if you have lenses you can wear for 4 weeks. Remember, water is the enemy of your lenses, so rinsing your case out in the sink isn’t a good idea.

  4. Your solution

    Do you ever let the tip of your solutions or eye drop bottles touch your eyes or lenses? You shouldn’t. Keep the bottle tips of your eye medicines or solutions clean by running very hot water over them and keeping them away from your eyeballs. Also, don’t forget to check the expiration dates on your solutions and cleaners. You want these products to work their best to keep your lenses clean. They can’t do their job well if they’re expired.

During Contact Lens Health Week, do a self-assessment on the cleanliness of your own contact lens routine. Not sure how you are doing? Learn more on the CDC’s website, or talk to your Eyeglass World optometrist if you have any questions about proper care and cleanliness of your contact lenses.