Colours Collection 101: Wild & Colorful Eyeglass Frames

Are you ready for a break from the ordinary?

Looking for some colorful eyeglasses that are on the cutting edge of fashion? Than you’ll want to check out the Colours Collection of designer eyeglass frames. These frames are bold and beautiful. They are oversized so they make a statement. What’s that statement you ask? These spectacular fashion eyeglass frames say that you have a big personality and love to have fun!

If you are looking for a hip, youthful eyeglass frame that will get you noticed, then these Colours Collection 101 eyeglass frames at Eyeglass World are where you should start your search!

There are several different shades to choose from, but each has a great combination of two modern, stand-out colors and, in some cases, patterns. But, unlike some cheap, knock off colorful frames you’ll see at department stores, every frame comes with the assurance of Eyeglass World quality.

Here are just a few of my favorite color combinations from the Colours Collection:

I think the serious working woman will look especially sophisticated in Colours blue and grey combination. The temples are a vibrant hue, but the front of the frame is a more subdued grey. They’ll look great anywhere you wear them, including the office.

Colours Collection blue gray

The camouflage look is very of-the-moment. Check out this pair of olive green frames combined with a camouflage pattern that’s reminiscent of tortoiseshell.

Colours Collection camo

If you love bright sunshine and the beach, this color combination is for you. The turquoise and tortoiseshell combination reminds me of the beautiful ocean waters of the Caribbean.

Colours Collection Caribbean blue

How about this funky combination? Hot pink frames with jet black arms – the perfect accessory to your vintage 90s wardrobe pieces.

Colours Collection pink black

If you are truly a non-conformist check out these citrus orange and grey tortoiseshell frames – a great pick for brunettes!

Colours Collection orange tortoise

Fresh and cool are the first words that come to mind when you see this gorgeous icy blue and brown tortoiseshell combo. This frame would look fabulous if you’ve got blonde hair or light eyes.

Colours Collection tortoise ice blue

Check out the full selection and find your favorite color combinations at