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July Best Sellers at Eyeglass World

Looking for a new eyeglass frame? Check out our July best sellers in both men’s and women’s styles. Find the pairs that are perfect for you at your closest Eyeglass World or online. Heartland

Back to School Essentials: EMBRACE YOUR GEEKINESS

School is almost back in session. Whether you’re taking classes at night or prepping for another year as a full-time student, these amazing eyeglass looks will earn you straight A’s for style. In honor

Favorite Men’s and Women’s Winter Frames from Eyeglass World

It’s a new season and you know what that means. It’s time for a fresh and gorgeous new pair of eyeglasses. You wouldn’t think of wearing the same shoes year after year, season change

Trend Alert: Classic Tortoiseshell Frames Are STILL In

The Latest Eyeglass Fashion Trend Classic tortoiseshell frames are back! Okay, maybe they never actually left…Tortoiseshell is the one look in eyeglass frames that has been around since the beginning. Tortoiseshell is one of the

Sunglasses From Eyeglass World Make the Perfect Holiday Gift

Sometimes women can be hard to buy for. Having been married for more than a decade now, I find it equally as difficult to choose gifts for men. What does he need that he hasn’t

Trend Alert: Chunky Black Eyeglass Frames

Do you like to stand out from the crowd? Do you consider yourself up on the latest trends? Then, pay attention! This is one trend to put on your radar screen! Chunky, bold, black

Four Reasons Why We Recommend Polycarbonate Lenses

Whether you’re nearsighted or farsighted, correcting astigmatism or just trying to keep the sun out of your eyes, one type of lens materials Eyeglass World always recommends is polycarbonate. 1. Unbeatable Durability Unlike glass

Four Women’s Frames for Fall from Eyeglass World

Spring-cleaning has made a name for itself, but there’s no time like the fall to find a fresh start. One habit I’ve created over the past several decades is to designate fall as my

Favorite Men’s Eyeglass Frames for Fall

Gentlemen! You will love Eyeglass World’s selection of brand new fashion eyeglass frames for Fall. If it’s been a while since you’ve had your eyes checked, or if you are just in need of

Oakley Has Arrived at Eyeglass World!

Oakley Has Arrived! Eyeglass World is excited to announce that we now have Oakley eyeglass and sunglasses frames available in each of our stores across the U.S.! There a thousand different sunglasses you can