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How Poor Vision Can Impact Your Child At School

I grew up around optometrists and eyeglasses. Yet when my husband suggested our six-year-old son may have a vision problem, I shirked. Surely I’d notice if my child was struggling to see! Wouldn’t I? It’s

How a Growth Spurt Affects Your Child’s Vision

A Growth Spurt Affects Vision What you may not realize is that a growth spurt affects your child’s vision in significant ways. If your child is growing taller, than you can expect that their

Link Between Vision Problems and ADHD

Watching for Signs When my five-year-old daughter started learning to read this year, she couldn’t sit still. After a few weeks of this behavior, I wondered if she might have some sort of learning disorder,

Why Babies Should Wear Sunglasses

There’s nothing cuter than a little one having fun in the sun. My babies all loved the chance to sit in the kiddie pool and splash or sit at the beach and touch the

Keeping Your Baby’s Eyes Safe

First time moms are usually obsessive about keeping their children happy and healthy. Protecting your baby’s eyes as they grow and play may be a little trickier. Many moms probably wonder, “Are there toys we

Ask An Expert: Kids & Retinoblastoma

Dear Eyeglass World, After we got our holiday pictures back, I noticed that my five-year-old son had a white spot in the middle of his eye in almost every photo. He’s been squinting more

Eyeglass World’s #MyHashtag Frame Collection for Kids

I love a clever hashtag. I don’t always use them correctly, but they sure are a fun way to express an added layer of sentiment to whatever you’re saying. Hashtags can connect you to

Five Frames that Would Make Cool Sunglasses for Kids

Did you know your children should wear sunglasses outside just as badly as you do? In fact, more than 1/2 of the damage done to one’s eyes by harmful UVA/UVB rays happens to us

It’s Back To “Cool” Time

Are you looking for the hottest fashion statements in kids’ eyewear? Then, look no further than your closest Eyeglass World. No matter how hard to please your little miss or mister may be, Eyeglass

Big Style in Back to School Glasses for Kids

Notebooks, backpacks, pencils, uniforms, and new shoes.  It seems like there are 100 new things my children need before school starts and glasses are on that list! Years ago children hated finding out that