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Him vs. Her: Non-Prescription “Fashion” Glasses For Kids?

Do you have a boy in your home who wants to wear glasses “just like dad”? Or maybe a budding style star who thinks glasses will make every outfit more fun? Your child may

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If you wear eyeglasses and live an active lifestyle, you know that this can be a difficult combination from time to time. So what do you do? Should you buy sports frames? Wear contacts?

Him vs. Her: How Should You Style Vintage Frames?

There’s no question about it: vintage eyeglass styles are in. The vintage look has been around in the fashion world for a while, but the current state of optical affairs is trendy, vibrant, and

Him vs. Her: When it comes to eyewear, should you shop trendy or timeless?

When you’re purchasing new eyewear, it’s hard to decide what kind of frame will serve you well. For example, while thick hipster frames are in now and will make any outfit seem more trendy, a

Him vs. Her: Should you wear glasses with formalwear?

As the holidays fast approach, so do the beloved traditions of the holiday party. Whether you’re dressing to the nines or donning a Cosby-style sweater, you’ll need to see clearly. But especially for those

Him vs. Her: Should you wear glasses in your professional headshots?

It’s a dilemma every professional faces: the need for professional pictures. Most will, at one point or another, opt to have professional headshots take. But even if you wear glasses in your day-to-day life,

Him vs Her: What are the hottest trends in glasses right now?

What are the most popular trends in eyeglasses right now? Des and Erin weigh in on where they think eyewear fashion is headed.    HER: The “geek chic” trend is going strong and isn’t

Him vs Her: What’s the most important thing to look for when choosing new glasses?

What matters the most when you’re choosing a new pair of glasses? Is it fashion? Function? Something else? See what our fashion experts Des and Erin have to say about it!    HER: How

Him vs Her: Trendy Frames in the Office

Should you wear your trendy, colorful frames in an office environment? Or is it more appropriate to keep it conservative and wear a more toned down pair of glasses? See what our fashion experts

Him vs Her: Can Everyone Wear Aviators?

Made famous in movies like Top Gun, Cobra, and To Live and Die in L.A.., Aviator™ sunglasses are iconic. Worn by the likes of Tom Cruise and the stereotypical choice of sunglasses for police