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Color Story: Blue Dreams at Eyeglass World

Feeling blue used to be synonymous with the doldrums, but these new, fashion eyeglasses in various shades of blue will turn any frown upside down. Blue is one of the freshest, coolest looks in

Shades of Red: Revealing Your Inner Miss Scarlet

Femme fatale or devious spy? Was it Miss Scarlet, in the parlor, with the candlestick? Lovers of the classic board game will appreciate these dangerously stylish eyeglass frames that feature the iconic character’s signature

Designer Highlight: Lucky Brand

If you follow designer blue jean trends, there’s a good chance you know that luck had little to do with the tremendous success Gene Montesano and Barry Perlman found when they launched their own

3 Reasons to Buy New Eyeglasses

This is a great time of the year to buy new glasses. New frames in the latest styles are in and the time to spend your insurance benefits may be running out! Here are

September Best Sellers from Eyeglass World

Minimalistic styles and bold specs were a class favorite for September! Check out the styles that made our September Best Sellers list for men and women: Women’s September Best Sellers Legacy Lane 33 Specs with a

Eyeglass World August Best Sellers

We’ve gathered all the top styles from Eyeglass World for our August Best Sellers edition! Women’s August Best Sellers Legacy Lane 33 These frames by Legacy Lane are specs with a splash of sass.

Lens Highlight – What Exactly is a High Index Lens?

Are you looking for an improved visual experience through your eyeglasses? Do you have a stronger prescription but hate the appearance of thick, “coke-bottle” style lenses in your glasses? Then you should check out

How do I fix my glasses if they fall apart?

Even the highest quality eyeglass frames can fall apart every now and then. Loose screws, bent arm pieces, or a popped-out lens can happen to anyone, anywhere. Accidents happen, as they say. So what do

The Difference Between Kid’s & Adult Glasses Measurements

How eyeglass sizing works Did you know that eyeglasses come in a variety of sizes? Men’s and women’s eyeglasses only vary a little in size, but there’s a larger discrepancy between kid’s and adult glasses

Differences Between Metal and Plastic Frames

One of the first questions your optician (AKA: personal eyeglass stylist) will ask you is whether you prefer a metal or plastic frame. How do you know which you prefer? Especially if you’ve never worn