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How Diabetes is Linked to Eye Health

There’s an intricate link between diabetes and eye health. In some cases, your optometrist may be able to detect the onset of diabetes before a regular doctor can. As diabetes worsens, a condition called diabetic

How the High Contrast Setting Can Help You See Better

Every once and a while my husband needs to use my phone or computer. His first move when he looks at one of my screens is to adjust the brightness. He has “bat” vision

Can Bright White Snow Hurt Your Eyes?

You’ve got your coat, your hat, your gloves and your scarf. What do you need more than all those cold weather accouterments combined? You need your sunglasses! Bright white snow can wreak more havoc on

Why It’s Better to Read Large Print Books

Did you know that the average mass-market paperback book is printed using a 10-point font? Chances are, the print on your computer or tablet monitor is set slightly larger than this. The text on

During Your Eye Exam: How the Glaucoma “Puff” Works

There’s one assessment at the optometrist’s office that makes me feel a little nervous…the “air puff” to check for glaucoma. Don’t get me wrong. The test takes just a few seconds from start to

What can happen when you’re staring at your phone all the time?

Have you ever watched someone sit and stare at their phone? I’ll admit, most of the time I’m too busy staring at my own phone to observe anyone else doing the same. Last night

What is Astigmatism?

My daughter’s best friend now wears glasses. When I asked her mother why she had decided to get her daughter glasses, she replied that she was slightly far-sighted but had a significant astigmatism. Then

Did you know that myopia (or nearsightedness) is an epidemic?

“Keep Myopia Away, Go Outside and Play.” This is how a poster in Singapore reads. The reason for this advertising campaign? Asia has an epidemic: It’s an epidemic of myopia. The truth is there’s a myopia

Five Ways Sleep Affects Your Eyes

Sleep is essential to every function of the human body, so it should be no surprise that our eyes need sleep for optimal functioning as well. Here are five ways that sleep affects your

Apps for the Blind Make Life a Little Easier

Our mobile phones can do amazing things to make our everyday lives easier. Did you know that a mobile phone can also work as the eyes, seeing for those who can’t see themselves? These apps