Cat Eye Glasses That Will Make You Meow!

As if often the case, Hollywood starlets set the tone for what we deem as hot or not.
And that’s why I’m so excited to see stars ranging from Jennifer Lopez to Jessica Alba, Nicole Richie, and Olivia Palermo all wearing cat eye glasses!

The cat eye shape isn’t new.  In fact, it’s a throw back to the 1950s and 60s when it was first deemed super chic.  Audrey Hepburn certainly helped the cat eye sunglass become a sensation with her character Holly’s stunning frame in Breakfast at Tiffany’s.  Marilyn Monroe, Barbara Windsor, and many of the women who made old Hollywood oh so glamorous, have also been photographed wearing this iconic look.  In fact, if you look closely you’ll notice every secretary or librarian in many films from this era all sporting the cat eye shaped lenses.

So, what classifies a frame as “cat eye?”  Well, any pair of glasses that has a flare or embellishment (such as the old fashioned horn-rim look) on the outer edges where the temple and eyeglass lens meet qualifies.  The great thing about this frame shape is that it draws your attention to the top of the frame and not the bottom.  That’s why people with triangle shaped faces (where the top of their face is slightly wider than the bottom) or others with diamond shaped faces will want to choose a great pair of cat eyes to bring focus upwards.

Here are a few fabulous cat eye options that Eyeglass World has available right now!

One of my favorite pairs of cat eye frames are these from Project Runway.  Their purple color and black accents make them both modern and feminine.

Project Runway Glasses

Or this pair in black and crystal is another fantastic option if cat eyes make you smile.  This is a comfortable plastic frame also by Project Runway that will go with just about anything!

Project Runway Glasses

Looking for a retro look frame to go with your vintage hipster look? Then look no further that  this pair by Just!

Just! Glasses

Finally, I love these DKNY sunglasses! They are the quintessential Hepburn style cat eye frames!

DKNY Sunglasses

Check out these frames and all the other fabulous cat eye styles at your closest Eyeglass World!  Or, try the on virtually by clicking here.  You’ll love the way they look and, best of all, if you get them from Eyeglass World you’ll get two great pairs for one awesome low price.