3 Reasons to Buy New Eyeglasses

3 reasons to buy new glassesThis is a great time of the year to buy new glasses. New frames in the latest styles are in and the time to spend your insurance benefits may be running out! Here are three great reasons why you should buy new eyeglasses.

  1. Eyeglasses Show Off Your Personality.

    Eyeglasses tell the world who you are and what you are about, especially if you’re more vibrant, wearing the same pair of glasses, day after day can get a little old. You would never wear the same outfit everyday nor would you wear the same shoes. Updating your eyeglass wardrobe with a brand new pair is common fashion sense.

Plus . . .

  1. Your Insurance May Cover It.

    Now, let’s get real. Eyeglasses are the only fashion accessory that your insurance may pay for! Why not take advantage of the benefits that you’ve worked hard to earn? It’s silly to let them go to waste. If you don’t have regular vision insurance but instead have an HSA (Health Savings Account) or FSA (Flexible Spending Account) remember that FSA funds expire at the end of the year. Purchasing a new pair of eyeglasses is a great way to use those saved funds before you lose them!

  1. Your Old Eyeglasses May Not Be Right Anymore.

    You replace your shoes every year because the soles wear out. Though your glasses may not show the same obvious signs of wear, it’s likely they still need to be refreshed. For example, your prescription may have changed but you may not notice that you aren’t seeing as clearly as you could be because you’ve grown accustomed to your current level of visual clarity. Your glasses could also be crooked or not fitting your face as well as they once did. If you wear bifocals or multi-focal lenses, having a good fit is very important to using your lenses correctly.

Beyond these common reasons to replace your eyeglasses, you may not even realize issues like scratched lenses or bent frames. Get a brand new pair of eyeglasses and move those comfortable ones you’ve been wearing all year to back-up glasses status. Everyone needs a pair and a spare, you know!

Head to your closest Eyeglass World and pick out your next new pair of eyeglasses. Our experienced optical staff will help you find your perfect pair if you need some assistance. I bet you’ll find a new favorite.