Blazer-ing Hot


There’s still a bit of chill in the air. This is good news for those looking to be on the cutting edge of style, because to look hot this spring you need to stay warm by adding a stylish blazer to whatever it is you’re wearing!

Current blazer trends include higher versatility than blazer trends of past decades.

You can choose a short, form-fitting blazer or a long, oversized blazer and still be sporting a fashion-forward look. In other words, this is one fashion statement that is friendly to all body types! If you are more petite, you can choose a crop-cut blazer with a single button to fasten at the front. If you are tall and can pull it off, you may want to try a double-breasted look that hangs a bit longer.

I especially love the versatility that blazers give those of us who live in warmer climates. If you are like me, you may have a wardrobe that is 75 percent comprised of warmer weather clothing. The right blazer can take that summer sleeveless outfit and make it perfect for spring weather.

The other hot trend in blazers is to play with color.

Lots and lots of gorgeous colors are what I’m seeing everywhere. Pair a clean, white, structured jacket with your favorite black dress for instant glamour, or choose a jewel-toned blazer to throw on over your favorite gray t-shirt and skinny jeans with boots and a long necklace for a sophisticated and feminine look. Even patterns are getting in on the fun!

How to style your blazer:

Although you should choose a blazer that fits you well (that is, one you could button and close if you wanted to), most of the looks I’m seeing feature blazers that are left open. The one exception to this rule is the double-breasted blazer that should be worn closed unless you are seated.

I always feel a little bit smarter, more successful-looking, and polished when I have a blazer on–even if it’s with a cute silky tank top and shorts. There’s just something about adding a jacket that gives off a more professional air.

For this reason, I also choose to wear my designer eyeglasses with my favorite blazers! A great pair of tortoise shell fashion frames or a cool plastic duotone color look is icing on the cake when it comes to pulling off blazer-based styles.

These fashion frames from Lucky and Cosmopolitan are both perfect additions to the blazer trend. They’re chic and sophisticated while still being feminine, and they’re highly versatile as well. Click the pictures to visit the website and try them on!

Cosmopolitan 200 Black

Cosmopolitan 200 in Black

Lucky High Noon Brown Horn

Lucky High Noon in Brown Horn


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