Beach Glass: My Latest Color Obsession

I think I’ve found a new favorite color. And, it just so happens to be showing up everywhere this season. That’s convenient, huh?

It’s called beach glass and it’s gorgeous.

To describe beach glass, if you’ve never seen it, I’d say it’s a light bluish, greenish muted color. It’s like “sea foam” green gone jewel tone and muted. It’s subtle and classy and a gorgeous tone.

I’ve also seen beach glass referred to as “sea glass,” I guess you can call it whichever name you prefer. But, both names bear the same connotation. This is the sort of color you find in a beach scene. It’s sometimes the same hint of hue you’ll find in a tropical ocean setting. And, it’s sometimes the same hue you’d find in a gorgeous sunset-lit, beach sky.

It’s got a glassy sheen to it that reminds me of the inside of a freshly brought in clam shell. And, it’s the actual color of something called “sea glass” that is harvested from the beach and ocean in exotic locations. The particular greenish variety of sea glass or beach glass is indigenous to Hawaii, according to my research.


So what apparel or accessories should you look for in this stunning color? I think the sky is the limit! Beach glass skinny jeans, a maxi skirt, or a gorgeous chiffon blouse would each make an incredible fashion statement this season.

Because beach glass is actually a jewel, choose a stunning beach glass necklace to accessorize whatever you are wearing. Even though there is a touch of blue-green to its hue, you can really pair it with any neutral color from the season’s palette and it’ll look stunning.

If you want to really stand out from the crowd, choose a touch of beach glass in your eyeglasses–which are, of course, your wardrobe’s most dynamic accessory.

My favorite frame with a touch of this green tone is a new one from the Kardashian Kollection — a cool line of eyeglass frames designed by the Kardashian ladies. (They have a great sense of style when it comes to eyeglasses). Although the color on this frame may be slightly bolder than a true beach glass, it’s close enough to capture the look.

Isn’t it gorgeous? It’s waiting for you at your local Eyeglass World!