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World Sight Day: Ways Your Eyesight Makes Life Better

World Sight Day is an annual day of awareness held on Thursday, October 12th is to focus global attention on avoidable blindness and vision impairment. Approximately 285 million people around the globe live with low

Five Power Foods to Eat for Healthy Eyes

You know you should eat right and exercise for the sake of your body, but did you ever consider that eating the right power foods can also play an important role in your eye

How Diabetes is Linked to Eye Health

There’s an intricate link between diabetes and eye health. In some cases, your optometrist may be able to detect the onset of diabetes before a regular doctor can. As diabetes worsens, a condition called diabetic

July Best Sellers at Eyeglass World

Looking for a new eyeglass frame? Check out our July best sellers in both men’s and women’s styles. Find the pairs that are perfect for you at your closest Eyeglass World or online. Heartland

Back to School Essentials: EMBRACE YOUR GEEKINESS

School is almost back in session. Whether you’re taking classes at night or prepping for another year as a full-time student, these amazing eyeglass looks will earn you straight A’s for style. In honor

Lens Highlight – What Exactly is a High Index Lens?

Are you looking for an improved visual experience through your eyeglasses? Do you have a stronger prescription but hate the appearance of thick, “coke-bottle” style lenses in your glasses? Then you should check out

How the High Contrast Setting Can Help You See Better

Every once and a while my husband needs to use my phone or computer. His first move when he looks at one of my screens is to adjust the brightness. He has “bat” vision

Can Bright White Snow Hurt Your Eyes?

You’ve got your coat, your hat, your gloves and your scarf. What do you need more than all those cold weather accouterments combined? You need your sunglasses! Bright white snow can wreak more havoc on

Why It’s Better to Read Large Print Books

Did you know that the average mass-market paperback book is printed using a 10-point font? Chances are, the print on your computer or tablet monitor is set slightly larger than this. The text on

How Poor Vision Can Impact Your Child At School

I grew up around optometrists and eyeglasses. Yet when my husband suggested our six-year-old son may have a vision problem, I shirked. Surely I’d notice if my child was struggling to see! Wouldn’t I? It’s