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Have You Met Mr. World?

Have you met Mr. World? He’s experiencing life’s adventures while letting everyone know that shopping at Eyeglass World is the world’s best way to buy glasses. Here’s Mr. World at the world’s greatest fashion

Introducing Mr. World from Eyeglass World

Now introducing Mr. World from Eyeglass World. He’s not a celebrity per se, but between his debonair sense of style and his affinity for globetrotting, you’ll likely mistake him for one. With his stylish

Eyeglass World’s Best Sale of the Season

Shop our line of Christian Siriano frames and get 2 pairs for only $99.95! If you’ve stopped in an Eyeglass World store lately, the Christian Siriano frames probably caught your eye. The frames are

Men’s Lucky Brand Frames from Eyeglass World

Shop these men’s Lucky Brand frames at Eyeglass World and on Polyvore! Lucky Folklore This frame is classic with a twist. The color is a great neutral that will complement anyone’s skin tone, but the

The REAL difference between saline solution & contact lens disinfectant

The answer is easy… YES. There IS a difference between saline solution & contact lens disinfectant. Let’s start with saline solution. Whether you personally wear contacts or you know others who do, you’ve probably

NFL Nightmare for the Color Blind

Most everyone watching the Bills v. Jets NFL game in November probably enjoyed the holiday-like colors of the two teams. With the Bills in red and the Jets in green, it made for a

What HE Wore: Andy

It’s time for a ‘What HE Wore’ feature! Meet Andy! Andy is part of our digital marketing team and is a whiz with data and analytics. Working with numbers on a computer all day