Are Jeans Going Out of Style?


I heard an interesting news item on the radio a few weeks ago. The story was that blue jeans, as you and I know them, are going out of style. Apparently, fewer younger people are wearing jeans and they are, somehow, in danger of becoming extinct. The deejays had quite the conversation about whether or not this was actually even possible.

Of course, I live in Texas. So, anyone here would find it hard to believe that our home state could come close to giving up its Wranglers. Jeans here are a part of the state uniform. Texas women know how to wear them with attention getting bling, and Texas men know how to dry clean them in order to get the crease just right down the middle.

In the blogosphere, most fashionistas agree though that jeans will never fully go out of style. I think I’ll side with them. Although younger people may be addicted to their stretch pants and workout bottoms now, someday they’ll require some bottoms with more structure and durability.

The hot denim color of the season may continue to change. Hopefully (for those of us with large calves) someday soon we’ll no longer be wearing skinny styles and evolve our way back to wider legs again. My husband’s banking on stone washed coming back so he can keep those Gap jeans he bought in 1997 for a third decade. But, I don’t think denim is going away anytime real soon.

This season, denim is as hot as it was in the mid-nineties when every cool kid had a chambray shirt and a contrasting color denim bottom. By the sheer fact alone that double denim-ing is back in style, I think it’s safe to say, jeans are here for at least another decade.

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