What I Noticed About Adam Levine’s Glasses on ‘The Voice’

the voiceIt’s not every day that Adam Levine wears glasses on his hit TV show The Voice. He most likely wears contact lenses, but perhaps he was fighting some allergies or stayed out too late playing a concert with his band Maroon 5 and his eyes needed a rest. This wasn’t the first time he’s ever worn stylish eyeglasses on the show, but it’s not his usual look. These are my thoughts on the frames he chose to sport.

Matte Black Ray-Ban Eyeglasses like Levine on the VoiceThey’re stylish

Adam’s glasses had thick black frames of the “geek chic” variety. With a slightly oversized and rectangular shape, they suited his face shape well. They look very similar to this great matte black frame from Ray-Ban®.

Other photos of Adam reveal that he’s drawn to this same type of frame, and I do have to admit that the glasses make him look very intelligent and that the black goes well with his skin tone.

They’re tinted.

Tinting was a very popular effect in the 1990’s, and like every good trend, it’s back in style again! Adam’s glasses had a brown tint to them with a neutral gradient. Other tints ranging from ambers, to blues and grays are also available if you’re thinking about adding the tinted look to your new frames too.

They needed an anti-reflective coating.

My only concern about Adam Levine’s glasses is that he should have opted for an anti-reflective coating. The AR coating keeps glare from happening and allows people or a camera to see straight through your lenses without any light distortion. Every time Adam spoke on The Voice, the camera was pointed in his direction and instead of only seeing Adam and his eyes, you saw his lenses and the glare from the lights around him!

If Adam had his eyeglass lenses coated with an anti-reflective coating, this glare could have been avoided. You would be able to look directly through his glasses without the distraction of the reflected light.

Check out your closest Eyeglass World retailer if you want a cool pair of eyeglass frames like Adam’s but WITH an anti-reflective coating. 

Disclaimer: Reference above to Adam Levine is for purposes of an actual example of the situation described and does not constitute or imply an endorsement of Eyeglass World.