5 Makeup Tips for Eyeglass Wearers

Fashion icons and celebrities alike have been sporting thick-framed plastic glasses, popularizing them for the masses. Now we see bold, funky frames everywhere from Wall Street to Rodeo Drive. But, how do you apply makeup with your eyeglasses in mind? Is this something you even need to consider? The answer is YES!

You don’t have to avoid using makeup altogether but you should approach it a little differently. Glasses draw attention to the entire eye area, intensifying each swipe of shadow, mascara, and liner. This amplification makes flawless makeup application even more vital. Here are some makeup tips to keep all eyes on you, and not your heavy-handed eye makeup technique.


Bold frames draw attention to your face. Interestingly enough, they can also drown out your eyes, making them look smaller. Defining your eyes is crucial to make them stand out.

Add smudged liner to the top lash line only and keep your eyebrows well-groomed for a clean, polished look. Perfectly arched eyebrows and subtle eye makeup will spotlight the natural shape and shadows of your lids.


To keep your look balanced, avoid overdoing eye makeup. Instead, you might highlight another feature entirely. One way to do this is to wear a bright lipstick or gloss and limit eye makeup to a few coats of black mascara and some concealer. With eye liner, varying the thickness of the line will help balance your frames.

If your frames are thicker, apply a thicker line to the upper lash only to make your eyes stand out. Lining lower lashes can look too dark or severe, aging you. With thinner frames, a thinner, softer line looks great.


While gray shadows are great for creating the perfect smoky eye, they are far less attractive when paired with glasses. Gray and other cooler tones can mimic any shadows created by your frames, leaving you looking tired.

Stick to warmer colors for your eye shadow to stay looking vibrant and fresh. Also, try smudging a little luminous white shadow into the inner corners of your eyes to help reflect light and make your eyes seem brighter.


Don’t be afraid to experiment or try out fun trends like retro cat-eye liner. Such dramatic styles can still be pulled off glamorously as long as you take time to practice your technique. Any slight slips or messiness will be all the more obvious beneath your lenses.

High shine, shimmery, or glittery eye products will intensify any eye area flaws and wrinkles. Select matte, satin eye shadow finishes and use an eyelash curler to open up the eye area.

Keep The Focus On Your Eyes, Not Your Makeup

Above all, glasses wearers should remember that the key to flawless makeup application is to keep it simple. Use subtle shading and defining to draw attention to your eyes and not your makeup. A little shadow or liner goes a long way as your glasses will amplify each stroke you make.