4 Gorgeous Vera Bradley Sunglasses for Spring

Spring is in the air for parts of the country.  Finally, it feels like we can put away those winter coats and start donning the vibrant colors of the next season!

It seems like every Spring I am inspired to update my wardrobe with at least a few new pieces.  I like to get one new top in the whatever-the-season’s-hottest-color may be.  I like to choose a style that is ultra modern too so I feel like I have something completely fresh and trendy hanging in my closet ready for a night out or just a day when I want to channel my inner-runway model.

I also like to choose a new spring dress. For some reason, when the weather gets warm it feels like its time to trade the leggings and heavy designer denim for pretty spring dresses that give you an excuse to get a pedicure and get out those cute summer sandals.

There is one other way I like to update my wardrobe every spring. That’s with a new pair of designer sunglasses.

I usually update my prescription glasses in the spring, too.  So, because I shop at Eyeglass World where I can get two great designer glasses frames for the price of one, I use this opportunity to pick out a new spring sunglasses look that will put me in the mood for warmer weather.

This year I have my eyes on the Vera Bradley sunglass collection for my spring sunglass update. I think the Vera Bradley frames are an easy choice for spring because the Vera look is so colorful, in some cases floral, and always light and bright. But choosing which one I love the most is such a tough decision. I may have to just opt for two new pairs of sunglasses this year!

Here are my top picks from Vera Bradley’s Sunglass Collection.

Look at Vera Bradley’s
Lillian frames in priscilla pink!

Lillian Sunglasses in Priscilla Pink by Vera Bradley

Or, the Vera Bradley Claudette Island Blooms in turquoise and lime.  Love it!

Claudette Island Blooms Sunglasses by Vera Bradley

How about this frame called Blair-Camellia in black and cream? Look at the gorgeous temples on this outstanding frame!

Blair Camellia Sunglasses by Vera Bradley

Finally, Vera Bradley’s Anna Portbello Road in green and pink is a favorite as well.

Anna Portobello Road Sunglasses by Vera Bradley

I’m heading to my nearest Eyeglass World to try each of these frames on and see which pair will be added to my spring wardrobe this month.  I think I’ll take a friend along to help me decide! Maybe you’ll want to do the same? Hope to see you there!